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Help Grow the Ferron Family Learning Garden

Ferron Elementary is planning and fundraising for a campus learning garden!

About this Project [+]

In our Ferron Family Garden students can get dirty while learning all about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Our vision is to create an outdoor classroom where students collaborate with their peers to design a functional and inspirational learning space. Included in that vision, is for students to develop a life-long love of the natural world.


·         A true understanding of life science

·         Patience and responsibility  as students care for their garden

·         Understanding, on a small scale, theenvironmental impact of cultivating a small garden

·         The connection between gardening and a healthy lifestyle

·         A sense of community involvement

Problem that we are solving

 Students living in Las Vegas are disadvantaged in understanding many things about the natural world, in particular, the source of fresh fruits and vegetables.  As opposed to other regions of the country that have a more fertile landscape, the desert's harsh climate makes growing and cultivating plants generally quite difficult.  Inner-city students, such as those attending Ferron Elementary School,  have few opportunities to observe how food and plants can be successfully cultivated.

How we solve the problem

By providing Ferron's students with a small school garden, we will be creating a living classroom with unique and rich learning opportunities that will benefit students for the rest of their lives.  A school learning garden provides students with the rewarding experiences of planting, tending, and harvesting beautiful and useful plants. In How to Grow a School Garden, Arden Buck-Sporer and Rachel Kathleen Pringle cite the following:  

Numerous studies point to school gardens as a means of improving academic achievement, promoting healthy lifestyles, demonstrating the principles of stewardship, encouraging community and social development, and instilling a sense of place.     

William E. Ferron Elementary School, with the aid of Green Our Planet, has a wonderful opportunity right now to create a school learning garden that will greatly benefit students for many years. This hands-on approach to learning allows students to literally dig in and experience meaningful science, technology, engineering, arts, and math content. All curriculum will be enriched as students design and create a beautiful outdoor space which is both attract and functional.

Our impact

Building a Stronger Community for the Future

Our garden will provide a unique opportunity for cross-generational connections. While gardening, students interact with their peers, teachers, parents and community volunteers having meaningful conversations that may not otherwise take place. The garden provides students opportunities to ask questions, share thoughts, and work cooperatively toward a common goal. This is a distinctive chance for students to contribute positively to their environment. A sense of community spirit will be created and introduces the benefits of volunteering to families.

Moreover, gardening is an enjoyable and healthy activity. Once acquired, gardening can be a lifelong hobby which will create lasting memories of spending time outside, exploring in the soil, watching seeds grow, and harvesting the bounty!

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