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Help Blue Diamond grow an outdoor classroom!

The children, teachers and neighbors of Blue Diamond ES are excited to create an outdoor classroom where students can dig into their very own garden!

About this Project [+]

The children and teachers at Blue Diamond Elementary School are so excited to create a learning environment where students can get dirty and learn all about math, science, art and so much more! Our vision is to create an outdoor classroom where students collaborate with their peers to design a space that focuses on STEAM integration across all content areas. Our hope is for students to have a hands-on experience cultivating a life-long love of science and nutrition. 

Problem that we are solving

Students are facing an ever-changing world where science, technology and engineering play a critical role.  In addition to needing a strong foundation in these fields, our futures are greatly impacted by this generation's awareness of environmental issues.  Combined with an increasing obesity epidemic, it is imperative that we immerse students in the outdoors to teach them about sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. 

How we solve the problem

Students will gain a true understanding of life science as the experience the needs of living things, observe life cycles in nature, and discover how different organisms interact in their environment. Students will learn patience and responsibility as they care for their garden, eagerly waiting to reap the fruits of their labor.  Our hope is that students understand, on a small scale, their impact on the environment and how cultivating a small garden space can provide sustainability for their future. Furthermore the students will understand the connection between gardening and a healthy lifestyle as they work with a chef to harvest food and create nutritious and tasty meals. Lastly, our hope is that students will develop a sense of community involvement as they have the opportunity to give back to the community by providing a beautiful space to gather and enjoy hosting harvest parties and farmers markets.   

Our impact

Creating a school garden for our students is a fantastic opportunity incorporating all content areas across the curriculum and benefiting the students, kindergarten through fifth grade.   It is imperative that students have an in depth knowledge of math and science to be able to compete in today's market. An outdoor learning space integrates STEAM  into every activity experienced in the garden, facilitating communication amongst peers, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This hands on approach to learning allows students to literally dig in and experience meaningful science, technology, engineering, arts and math content.  A school garden program is most commonly related to science; however, all curriculum areas will be enriched as students design and create a beautiful outdoor space which is both attractive and functional.  the children will measure, record and journal their daily discoveries in the garden .  Additionally, students will maintain a website and blog to communicate with family and the community all their exciting adventures!

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Blue Diamond, Nevada