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A Message From Dr. Richard Leakey

A Message From Dr. Richard Leakey

A Message From Dr. Richard Leakey

Chronic under-funding is the greatest challenge not only to wildlife conservation and protecting habitat but also in developing green ideas all over the world. In many developing countries, wildlife and habitats are being destroyed at unprecedented rates. Rivers are polluted, lakes overfished and swamps drained. These problems affect humans who also depend on these ecosystems for their daily sustenance. And the problems are being made worse by the impacts of climate change.

Unless we take decisive action, future generations will lose the world's greatest reserves of biological wealth and diversity and will also lose a great reservoir of green ideas that can help solve many of our environmental problems. Having spent a lifetime creating protected areas, and fighting poaching and habitat destruction, I am convinced that it is inadequate funding for wildlife initiatives and other green ideas that are the major challenges we must overcome in order to adequately protect our planet.

To achieve this, we are inviting everyone in the world to help.

Using the internet, we are now able to bring supporters and conservationists together in order to enable individual donors around the world to connect directly with the people that they are funding. This is what makes Green Our Planet unique. I believe that by making these connections we are transforming the nature of charitable giving by enabling anyone anywhere in the world to help make our planet greener and more sustainable.

Through Green Our Planet we aim to reach a global community of people who want to help improve the health of our planet both for ourselves and for our fellow species. Our goal is simple: to raise funds for developing innovative green solutions for our environmental problems and to educate the next generation about those problems. We can do that by enabling an enormous community of people around the world to help unleash the power of thousands, if not millions of green ideas. Ideas and projects that would otherwise never occur.

Our aim is to create a multimillion-person community of creative people with wonderful green ideas and link them with people who would like to help unleash the power of those ideas on the world. Imagine the power of just one single dollar, if one million people each gave this amount!

Welcome to Green Our Planet. Together, we can help improve our world.

Dr. Richard Leakey
Advisory Board Member of Green Our Planet, Inc.