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Our Impact

School Gardens

Green Our Planet launched in the spring of 2013 and has raised over $1,600,000 for green projects since then, over $1,000,000 of which was used for school gardens. During the last four years, Green Our Planet has helped fund and build more than 100 Outdoor Garden Classrooms that help educate more than 60,000 students in Las Vegas, Nevada. Green Our Planet’s Outdoor Garden Classroom Program has now become the largest school garden program run in the United States. It is also one of the most comprehensive, adapting proven methods and techniques from other successful garden programs across the United States. In early 2014, Green Our Planet in partnership with Three Square received an American Honda Foundation grant to create K-5 science (STEM) lessons for use in school gardens. Green Our Planet and CCSD teachers have recently revised these lessons, based on two years of teaching experience, and have now extended the lessons through PreK. This is the first time PreK-5 schools have had access to an up-to- date STEM garden curriculum throughout the state of Nevada that is aligned to Nevada State and Next Gen standards. In 2016, Green Our Planet also began introducing hydroponic systems into the CCSD.

Green Our Planet’s Outdoor Garden Classroom Expansion in Las Vegas, Nevada
(spring 2013-fall 2016)

Green Our Planet School Gardens