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Help us "Kahre" on the Garden!

The students at Kahre Elementary want to raise funds to turn our garden into an outdoor classroom and secure the services of a master gardener.

About this Project [+]

Kahre Elementary has a blossoming garden in the courtyard of our school. The Garden Club and its advisors would like to turn the garden into an Outdoor Classroom. To create this classroom, we would need to build a sturdy weather resistant white board and seating, such as wooden benches, that could be easily transported to the focal point of the lesson. The classroom would also need a class set of clipboards that the students could use as a writing surface. Additionally, in order to keep our garden thriving we need a master gardener's assistance.  

Problem that we are solving

Our garden is used by the Garden Club once a week and each classroom at the school receives a brief STEM lesson once a month in the garden. Unfortunately, the majority of the time the garden sits empty. No classes are using the garden to learn about how things grow or to create projects. No teachers are utilizing the outdoor space to teach science or reading. Also, although the Garden Club advisors have a great love for helping things grow, they need some help. The advisors are not experts on what soil should look and feel like. They don’t always know when to harvest or what to plant.

How we solve the problem

Our project would allow the Garden Club to create an Outdoor Classroom where teachers and students have the supplies they need to teach and learn outside.

A master gardener would help keep our garden producing and also teach the Garden Club and its advisors how to care for the garden’s upkeep.

Our impact

Are There Known Benefits in Having School Gardens?

There is nothing taught in schools that cannot be learned in a garden. Math and science to be sure, but also history, civics, logic, art, literature, music, and the birds and the bees both literally and figuratively. Beyond that though, in a garden a student learns responsibility, teamwork, citizenship, sustainability, and respect for nature, for others, and for themselves.

Have There Been Studies Carried Out As To The Benefits of School Gardens?

Yes. And here are some samples:

“Schools with outdoor garden programs score higher on standardized tests in math, reading, writing and listening.” (Bartosh, 2003)

“Third, fourth, and fifth grade students who participated in school gardening activities scored significantly higher on science achievement tests compared to students that did not experience any garden-based learning activities.” (Klemmer et al, 2005)

“Students tend to learn more and better when they are actively involved in the learning process.” (McCormick et al, 1989)

“Elementary school and junior high school students gained more positive attitudes about environmental issues after participating in a school garden program.” (Waliczek and Zajicek, 1999)

“After gardening, students have shown increased knowledge about nutrition, plant ecology, and gardening.” (Pothukuchi, 2004)

“Students who participated in school gardening activities increased their vegetable consumption and the variety of vegetables eaten.” (Ratcliffe, 2011)

“Consumption of fruits and vegetables, as a habit in childhood, is an important predictor of higher fruit and vegetable consumption as adults and can help to prevent or delay chronic disease conditions.” (Heimendinger & Van Duyn, 1995)

“In a project that involved integrating nutrition and gardening among children in grades one through four, the outcomes went well beyond an understanding of good nutrition and the origin of fresh food, to include enhancing the quality and meaningfulness of learning.” (Canaris, Irene, 1995)

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