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Help Build a Garden at Vassiliadis Elementary!

We would love to build a garden at our school to empower the students to understand gardening and it's effect on the world!

About this Project [+]

The Vassiliadis Elementary Garden holds a vision of being the epicenter of our school’s culture and a place where we can gather as a community, grow together as healthy citizens, and explore the ways we can make a difference in the world!  

Problem that we are solving

School gardens are an excellent means of teaching students important aspects of science, biology, horticulture, nutrition, teamwork and the origin of foods. School gardens, integrated into the curricula, have also been shown to significantly raise test scores in science, math, and other subjects.

How we solve the problem

There is nothing taught in schools that cannot be learned in a garden. Math and science to be sure, but also history, civics, logic, art, literature, music, and the birds and the bees both literally and figuratively. Beyond that though, in a garden a student learns responsibility, teamwork, citizenship, sustainability, and respect for nature, others, and themselves.


Our impact

The Garden “Growth” Experience project will transform our school into a community space, giving the neighborhood a sense of ownership in the school and providing access to healthy, fresh produce.  We are not looking to just install a garden on the campus but rather build and create an outdoor classroom for all to use while focusing on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) curriculum.  With this knowledge, students will organize and experience the economics of running a school garden and farmer's markets. We aim to involve every student by ensuring that each grade (Kindergarten -5th grade) have their own garden bed, thus creating an area where our students can grow food as a collective grade level, share their experience, and of course share the produce with their families and friends. 


(1.)  To strengthen STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) instruction by increasing the experiential and project/problem based learning opportunities for our students.

(2.)  To shift student thought process to a growth mindset, enabling students to take the initiative and responsibility for continuing education and knowing how to embrace challenges. 

(3.)  To create awareness of the global food chain and the impact we, as individuals, can make.

(4.)   To promote healthy living habits and food choices amongst students, parents, and the community at Vassiliadis Elementary School.

(5.)  To increase community involvement, engagement, and comradery at the school. 

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Pledge $10 or more

Thanks for watering our garden! You are invited to visit our garden and receive a high five from a young gardener!

Pledge $25 or more

Now you're digging! Donate $25 and receive a HUGE thank you!!!!

Pledge $50 or more

You're fertilizing our needs! Donate $50 and we will post a big thank you with your name on our school website.

Pledge $100 or more

We have deep-rooted gratitude for your contribution and will post a big thank you with your name on our school website as well as in the school newsletter.

Pledge $250 or more

Smell the compost! For your generous donation you will receive all of the above--plus your name on a decorative stone in our garden.

Pledge $500 or more

As an honorary Master Gardener, you will have half a plot in the garden dedicated in your name on a plaque.

Pledge $1000 or more

The energy that flows from your donation will keep our garden growing. For your generosity, you will have an entire plot at the garden in your name on a plaque.

Pledge $5000 or more

Adopt Our Garden! We will create a large sign to place in our garden saying that you or your organization has "adopted our garden." Thank you!

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Las Vegas, Nevada