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Engelstad Foundation

All these people are empowered to grow food using outdoor and indoor school gardens thanks to The Engelstad Foundation. The Engelstad Foundation generously donated $2.5 million to Green Our Planet to explode the school garden and hydroponics movement across the United States and improve STEM education, create healthy communities and connect people to the planet in a meaningful way.

Special Thanks

The Obama Foundation

Special thanks to The Obama Foundation for selecting Ciara Byrne, Green Our Planet’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, to join the 2019 Obama Fellows Class. The Obama Foundation is supporting Green Our Planet’s mission of bringing school gardens and hydroponic systems to schools across Nevada and beyond as a way to improve student academic achievement in STEM and entrepreneurship as well as improve student nutritional choices and educate the next generation of conservationists.

Read Ciara’s Profile on the Obama Fellowship Website

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