STEMworks Accreditation

In 2019, Green Our Planet became the first and only organization in the United States to run a school garden and hydroponics program accredited by STEMworks. STEMworks is a national organization that conducts a rigorous evaluation process to validate educational programs or institutions for their adherence to high standards in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education.

STEM Garden and Hydroponic Programs

Indoor and Outdoor Experiential Learning Laboratories for K-12

Sparking Curiosity

We create and deliver STEM, conservation, nutrition and entrepreneurship programs through outdoor gardens and hydroponics laboratories that ignite curiosity, create connections to the natural world and positively impact the futures of students, communities and the planet.

Impact Study

In 2022-2023, Green Our Planet successfully completed the largest school garden and hydroponic impact study ever undertaken with an independent researcher, surveying over 3000 students in 75 schools across 25 states.

of teachers using our programming once or more a week rated our NGSS-aligned STEM curriculum and videos effective or highly effective
of teachers and 60% of parents perceived an improved school culture and climate as a result of our programs
of parents reported their child talked to them about their school gardens and hydroponics laboratories outside of school

"We saw a 20% raise in our test scores!"


  • Green Our Planet's PreK-5 Garden STEM Curriculum, MS-HS Health Curriculum, and K-12 Financial Literacy Lessons
  • Access to Green Our Planet's Virtual Academy video lessons
  • A digital library of resources, guides, printables, andmore


  • Membership to Green Our Planet's Magic Garden Portal
  • Connection to teachers across the nation teaching STEM using outdoor gardens


  • Live, online support from our expert team of coaches for one year
  • Access to 16+ topics of online workshops for teachers

Shirley Jiminez

Principal, Cartwright Elementary


“In 2009, I planted the kitchen garden on the South Lawn of the White House. And as those seedlings started to sprout, so did a national conversation about the way we feed our children, the impact of healthy food on underserved communities, and the beautiful things that happen when young people come together in a garden.So I couldn’t be more proud of Ciara Byrne, one of our 2019 #ObamaFellows, who’s growing gardens like these across the desert to not only help kids learn science and math, but also understand the importance of taking care of our planet. Keep up the good work, @greenourplanet!”

Michelle Obama

Former First Lady of the United States

Where We Grow

Green Our Planet Inspires Growth Across 4 Countries

Green Our Planet’s STEM Outdoor School Garden Program
Green Our Planet’s STEM School Hydroponics Program

Sparking Curiosity

We create and deliver STEM, conservation, nutrition and entrepreneurship programs through outdoor gardens and hydroponics laboratories that ignite curiosity, create connections to the natural world and positively impact the futures of students, communities and the planet.

Every big movement starts with a seed

Every big idea, big movement or big change starts with a single small seed. The Green Our Planet team is inspired by the joy on children's faces as they learn where their food comes from and connect to the magic and majesty of planet Earth. This is the foundation of a gentle movement that empowers communities and creates opportunities for students.

Continents using Virtual Academy lessons
States using our HydroConnect Program
Outdoor & Hydroponic gardens implemented
Teachers using our STEM curricula
Student Farmer’s Markets each year
Students impacted
"Our students are trying new fruits and vegetables during lunch break because of the different kinds of fruits and vegetables the students grow in the Green Our Planet school garden."

Melonie Poster

Principal at Dondero Elementary School

"Green Our Planet offers hands-on learning experiences for students and teachers to learn STEM subjects as well as important life skills. That’s why I personally help connect Green Our Planet to businesses in the Las Vegas area that are able to help increase the impact in our community: to improve science education and teach necessary life skills such as nutrition, financial literacy and conservation-all by building and installing outdoor garden classrooms or hydroponic systems."

Brian Kunec

Regional General Manager of KB Home

"With the help of our professional farmer from Green Our Planet, we have discovered a wealth of vegetables that students had never seen or had the opportunity to taste. For example, many of us had not seen swiss chard or okra before in our homes. These experiences are basic yet vital to our survival. The students need to know and understand where our food comes from and how to successfully grow food in a garden. Our school garden has made an impact on our students and learning at Goolsby Elementary School."

Margaret Allred-Mueller

STEM Teacher at Judy and John L. Goolsby Elementary School

"As the principal of Crestwood Elementary School in the Clark County School District (CCSD), I understand how important STEM education is to the future of our students. I also know that our students learn best through experiential, hands-on learning. The culture at our school has benefited from the garden immensely because teachers, students, and parents alike are involved and excited to continue to develop our Garden Programs."

Jackie A. Richardson

Former Principal at Crestwood Elementary School

"Green Our Planet has been an essential, inspirational addition to our school community. The science curriculum that is provided by Green Our Planet gets teachers the standards based lessons they need to use the garden as an outdoor classroom. Students and teachers benefit from learning science in the hands on, natural setting of the gardens. We love our garden at Marc Kahre Elementary School. This is in large part to the efforts of all of the wonderful employees of Green Our Planet!"

Melissa Bailey

Teacher at Marc Kahre Elementary School

"The garden has had an enormous, positive impact at our school. By getting our students out of their seats and into an engaging environment, our students have benefited from being able to use all their senses in order to make connections and lasting learning experiences. The excitement and joy that having an outdoor class such as this garden is an important element to moving our students towards being engaged in learning."

Miriam Benitez

Principal at John S Park Elementary School

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